Welcome to Taskbone

Makes your productivity tools work better together

Your tasks, goals, projects and notes are scattered across different apps and services.

And they are for good reasons. Different tools have different purposes. They have different strengths and weaknesses. The full blown project management suite you use for work is probably not the best tool for your shopping list. You do not want to set your fitness goals in a bug tracker. — Actually, even if you wanted to: Don't expect your workout buddies to share your enthusiasm for kanban boards. This is not where shared goal setting will happen.

To try organizing everything in one place — if it is at all possible — only works if you are willing to make some compromises on functionality or convenience. You may not want to make these compromises.

But still. Wouldn't it be nice to bring everything a little closer together? To have a little less friction?

This is what we are set out to solve with Taskbone.

We start by making Obsidian and Todoist work better together.

The best place to follow the state of development is on TaskboneHQ.

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